About Us

Incorporated in 2001 with humble beginnings in Malaysia, Knowledgecom is a Premier Technology Training Company which has been pioneering and succeeding the efforts of upskilling and digital transformation. We design and deliver programmes and certifications that will create high income, high employability and ensure efficiency workforce by allowing them to stay relevant in parallel with technological growth in all sectors.

We are passionate in providing our clients with the most relevant industry-recognized certifications and courses that will catapult them to the pinnacle of their careers. With over a decade of experience up our sleeves and a remarkable track record, Knowledgecom’s area of expertise stands in the procurement of client or vendor specific technologies and certifications (Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing & more), customized track modules, experienced trainers, excellent passing rates and your readily available funded programs all in one roof.

Subsidiaries and Member Companies

Knowledgecom has regional presence in Singapore and plans down the pipeline to venture into Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam & eventually tapping into most of the Asian countries. Over the years of growth, Knowledgecom has proudly birthed 2 subsidiaries namely, Beyond4 and Global Strategic Partners.

  • Beyond4 highlights a new partnership with Hong Leong Management Berhad propelling it as a neutral, non-competitive platform for training, technology & strategic partners on board the Beyond4 Ecosystem.
  • Global Strategic Partners is growing as a Marketing business tackling digital marketing, social media leverage, email marketing and experimenting various marketing strategies, tools and platform to boost businesses and tackle challenges.

Track Record

Knowledgecom has been in the business of upskilling, training, and boosting Digital Transformation for nearly 2 decades and counting. We have joint efforts with various Government and Private bodies contributing & accommodating to many difficulty levels, tackling numerous sectors and industries. We have proudly trained more than 15,000 students with more than 50 government and private projects successfully labored.

We offer a huge array of courses spanning across topics like Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity with more on the list. Our courses are certified by renown certification bodies across the globe.

We are strong advocates of upskilling the current and future workforce both in the private and government sectors to ensure efficiencies of the workforce, high income individuals, bridging gaps and staying relevant as well as directly boosting Digital Transformation within the nation and its workforce. We thrive to ensure our clients unlock their maximum potential be it a classroom, in-house or blended learning (virtual & classroom) experience.


We aspire to embrace technology and innovation as well as drive exponential growth within each country primarily as well as extending our horizons within the ASEAN.


Upskilling the current and future workforce to build a community prepared to embark with technological growth and expansion within their respective countries.